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October 2024


About the HUD Federal Cyber Workshop and Expo

In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Federal Training Partnership is excited to announce the HUD Federal Cyber Workshop and Expo. This is the only time this year that industry participants are invited and encouraged to exhibit at HUD HQ. Industry exhibits are limited to 25 demonstration spaces, which will maximize attendee engagement and networking with solution providers.


The Summit is being sponsored by the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer and will include cyber awareness training sessions for federal personnel.


Between 350 and 400 federal personnel are expected to attend. Their titles include:

  • Security Analyst

  • Security Specialist

  • Information Systems Security Officer

  • Enterprise Architect

  • IT Specialist

  • End-users


Exhibitor participation includes access to attendee networking during morning and afternoon breaks, lunches, and dedicated exhibit time. Exhibitors also will have access to sessions for additional networking opportunities. 


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