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Thursday, October 31


About the ORNL Cyber ‘Click or Treat’ Outreach Day:

Federal Training Partnership in association with Oak Ridge National Laboratory is proud to announce the in-person Oak Ridge National Lab Cyber Outreach Click or Treat event, hosted by the ORNL CyberOps group for Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This exciting exhibit opportunity will be limited to 15 companies.  This event will allow industry to interact with hundreds of ORNL personnel. During the event, industry will have access with key members of the Department of Energy and Laboratory community. 


The event offers industry a rare opportunity to network and collaborate with technology leaders and end-user personnel from throughout ORNL.


Requested technologies include:

  • Cybersecurity,

  • Big Data,

  • Storage, Security,

  • Gathering,

  • Vehicle Security,

  • Hardware,

  • Software,

  • Communication Networks,

  • Information Technology,

  • High-Performance Computing.


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