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9th Annual Cybersecurity Symposium


In collaboration with the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer at the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Training Partnership is excited to announce the DOT Cybersecurity Symposium 2024.


This event will take place in person in October 2024 at the DOT HQ and then also there will be virtual sessions throughout the month of October. This audience is difficult to reach and the purpose is to provide a forum where federal personnel can evaluate new technologies as well as company capabilities within an organized atmosphere.


The Symposium will include cyber training for personnel from the Department of Transportation along with other invited federal agencies.


Requested Exhibiting Technologies Include:

  • Cloud security

  • Anomaly detection

  • Federated identity management

  • Moving devices to mobile platforms

  • BYOD

  • Security engineering and architecture

  • System security controls

  • Network security management

  • Telecommunications security

  • Cyber risk management

  • Supply chain security

  • Phishing


Between 300 and 350 federal employees are expected to attend. Their titles include Security Analyst, Security Specialist, Information Systems Security Officer, Information Security Privacy Officer, Enterprise Architect, Chief Information Security Officer and IT Specialist.


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